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I love to write about things that interest me. It will be easier to tell you what doesn’t interest me than try to list what does — pop culture and reality television do not interest me. Science, religion, animals, sports, medicine, and problem solving are among any number of subjects that do interest me very much and hopefully that passion for knowledge is reflected in my work.  Everything from short stories on animals to essays on politics — a non-fiction book on creationism and a detective novel. I am a work in progress because I am hungry for knowledge.

I hope you are here for the same reason. Life is change. Change is life.


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  • On the formation of the universe, by C. W. Bobbitt
    Unfortunately, I decided to begin my book Counterargument for God with my criticisms of Darwin and worked backward, instead of beginning with the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe and working forward. As a result, many atheist readers stopped reading before they reached my observations on the evidence for the Big Bang, because they […]

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