Don’t pick the wrong victim in Philadelphia

Career criminal Vaughn Matthews thought an assault on a woman three months pregnant made for easy pickings.

He punched Lindsey O’Brien in the face, snatched her laptop bag, and took off running.

Surprised when she chased him down, he broke her wrist and punched her visibly pregnant belly using his forearm.

With righteous indignation and an obviously powerful maternal instinct, Ms. O’Brien planted one foot and drove the other into his leg, snapping his tibia like a twig, in two places.

The police didn’t need to chase Mr. Matthews down. He was still lying right where she left him, writhing on the ground in agony.

Apparently most Philadelphia policemen are too busy hassling law abiding citizens to protect innocent victims. The arresting officer who arrived at the scene said, “She really did a number on his leg. I would never want to get kicked by this girl.”

I’m mildly disappointed the reports did not include her taking an open shot on his defenseless testicles with that same enthusiasm before looking for the police, but I’m sure her arm hurt and she worried more about her unborn child than giving this man the beating he deserved.

Too bad the judge would never allow something like that as part of his sentence.

Thank God at least it’s still safe for pregnant women to defend themselves.

Or can we be sure that the district attorney won’t charge her with assaulting Mr. Matthews?

It is no longer obvious that sanity reigns supreme in our judicial system.

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