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Democrats and the media

Growing up, it was virtually impossible to tell which political party the news anchors of the three major networks favored. I had no idea that Walter Cronkite was a flaming liberal until he gave interviews after he retired.

But Dan Rather left nothing to the imagination about where his allegiance lay when he did his best to undermine George W. Bush’s presidential candidacy with a biased, falsified report about his National Guard service.

Today’s mainstream media is almost exclusively populated with liberal Democrats unafraid to show their true colors. Recently in an interview on the Today show, David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press went even further in an attempt to destroy the career of a politician he doesn’t like.

Gregory said the only reason that Herman Cain remained candidate for the Republican presidential nomination was because the GOP lacked a “Grand Wizard” to force him out of the race.

Do you think he meant Gandalf from Lord of the Rings?

No, of course not. Gregory meant to insinuate a Grand Wizard from the Ku Klux Klan.

What other kind of “Grand Wizard” is there?

This whole business of suggesting Republicans don’t care about sexual harassment is patently absurd. Republicans don’t care about false smear campaigns against a man with impeccable integrity, by all accounts (except five.)

Republicans cared when accusers with legitimate complaints against Bill Clinton were vilified. But most conservative voters can recognize a hatchet job when they see it, and Herman Cain is being

Is Gregory so ignorant that he doesn’t remember the Democrat party was the home of the KKK after the Civil War?

He doesn’t know that George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Lester Maddox were all Democrats who were racist and  segregationists?

Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was even a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

Gregory didn’t know that Democrat President Woodrow Wilson brought Jim Crow to Washington?

Didn’t know or doesn’t care — what’s the difference?

The facts don’t fit his “colored” view of the world that paints the true champions of equality as racist, and their opposition as the heroes.

Meet the Press, indeed.

Tim Russert is rolling over in his grave.

Fleecing the taxpayers

The “Occupy” protests have been largely misguided efforts directed at bankers and private corporations. But who is actually robbing the taxpayer?

Sure, there are some cases of actual fraud…but what about the legal shenanigans involving politicians and union leaders?

One Chicago union boss is triple dipping into three pension funds to the tune of $450,000 a year.

This article asks a very good question — how would you like to buy into an annuity with a 25% return on investment?

Too bad, “you” can’t.

Because you weren’t a Chicago Streets and Sanitation worker for only a single day — you can’t qualify for a special pension of $158,000.

Now Chicago might be famous for gangsters and corrupt politics, but the city is not alone. The city of Boston has a problem where it has to fight in court against a legal obligation to pay pension benefits to a man convicted of corruption for taking bribes for helping a company win state contracts.

Not to be outdone, the entire state of California is drowning in pension liabilities for public sector workers.

Maybe “we the people” need to occupy state legislatures and positions in the federal government (instead of public parks in futile protests) in order to eliminate this grotesque public-sector corruption and greed.