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The rapid decline of American education

Traditional American values are under attack. It’s an inside job, by our education system.

When Texas mom Kara Sands checked her son’s quiz about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she discovered that he had “correctly” answered one particular multiple-choice question asking why the United States might be a target for terrorism. He chose “decisions made in the U.S. have had negative effects on people elsewhere” as his answer — because that is precisely what he’d been taught by an “educational” video shown in his class.

Kara became outraged when she learned the depths to which this program works to shape the personalities and undermine the traditional values of her children rather than educating them. Bravely she has launched a one-woman campaign now gaining national attention as she exposes the truth about this curriculum called CSCOPE, an ultra-liberal ideology disguised as elementary school material.

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t limited to Texas, or elementary schools. The entire American education system has been infected by liberalism.

Yale recently hosted a workshop that gave students “sensitivity training” to incest and bestiality.

How could anyone justify of the most disgusting, aberrant behavior known to man be taught at Yale, for God’s sake? In fairness, it wasn’t a class, just a weekend workshop. And Allegheny College hosted a sex and masturbation workshop inside their chapel, of all places. But at Yale?

Even the Ivy League has been infected by poison ivy.

A professor at Florida Atlantic University just created a great deal of controversy with a “lesson” that called for students to write “JESUS” on a piece of paper, throw it on the floor and then stomp on it.

When student Ryan Rotela complained to the administration at FAU, he was suspended.

The  administration of FAU has since claimed that the exercise was not mandatory, and promised that it won’t be used again. They also claimed that no one had been suspended, but the student has a letter warning him that he faces disciplinary action and telling him not to attend class.

The school doesn’t deny the lesson was used, or apologize for it.

What information would be learned by such a childish and infantile gesture, practically guaranteed to offend some of the students? After several decades of experience in the business world, I believe it’s safe to say that such unprofessional behavior would not be tolerated in the workplace very long.

I also wonder–would professor Poole treat the American flag with the same contempt? American soldiers have sacrificed their lives–not for the fabric used to make the American flag, but for what it represents.


America isn’t an evil country. Christianity isn’t an evil religion.

In my opinion, we live in the greatest nation that has ever existed on the face of the earth.

America is great,  not because we are greater than or more superior to people that live in other nations, but because we have freedom, even the freedom to make stupid and boorish remarks. But we shouldn’t have to pay to have our children forced to listen to this garbage.

From elementary school through college, the next generation of Americans are being taught that we’re aren’t a great nation, and we’re largely to blame ourselves for the misery and malaise we collectively feel today as a nation.

It will become a self-fulfilling prophesy, but only if we the people allow it to happen.

If we turn our backs on God; if we care more about prurient carnal desires than English, math and science, we will surely be doomed to wallow in collective misery for the foreseeable future.

Apparently, our children are being indoctrinated with a load of extreme liberal nonsense.

We need to collectively support the efforts of Kara Sands, Ryan Rotela, and anyone else willing to step forward and expose this cancer, slowly destroying our education system from within.