Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors

photo courtesy of Fox News

photo courtesy of Fox News

Life imitates art.

After writing Secondhand Sight, I worried about the extreme nature of the violence in the plot of my second novel.

I wondered if some of the most gruesome passages in the book might alienate fans of Coastal Empire.

It never occurred to me that the evening news might actually suppress a far more sinister story than I could ever imagine being able to tell.

Of course, the media could tell this disturbing story if they only reported the truth, the sordid details in the trial of abortion specialist Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

The details are so bad that I’m tempted to suggest if you’re squeamish to stop reading, but I think this is important information that everyone should know. The benefit mitigates the cost. But let me get right to the point.

If these charges are true, Hannibal Lecter had nothing on this guy.

The contents of Dr. Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic make Jaime Gumb’s torture chamber in Silence of the Lambs sound relatively tame, almost pleasant in comparison.

Kirsten Powers wrote horrific tales in USA Today, of barbarous beheadings and baby feet kept in jars, like macabre souvenirs collected by a deranged serial killer.

Most troubling is the fact that her story isn’t fiction. This butcher called a doctor apparently did all these things, and much, much worse.

According to reports of court testimony, this was a man who casually joked that one baby he’d just murdered was so big he could “walk me to the bus stop.”

Words can’t begin to describe the nausea and revulsion I felt after reading what this miserable excuse for a human being has done. My sense of common decency prevents me from including of the more graphic details. You may follow the links for the full story.

The biggest difference between the Gosnell story and Silence of the Lambs is that the principals in the movie understood that Buffalo Bill was committing heinous crimes.

If by some dark miracle Gosnell is found innocent, it might happen because Senator Barbara Boxer couldn’t bring herself to publicly admit that a baby born alive was a human being. She brazenly suggested the question was debatable until the child safely made it home from the hospital.

Apparently, Senator Boxer takes her marching orders on infanticide directly from Planned Parenthood. What a joke, that oxymoronically named organization!

I know you can’t get this information from most of the “mainstream” news sources…as Kirsten’s column pointed out, the media collective has engaged in a gross dereliction of duty.

The Kermit Gosnell murder trial should be the front page headlines.

This trial isn’t about abortion rights.

It’s about the legal right to commit murder. Because it’s considered a grey area under the umbrella of women’s reproductive rights, the media adamantly refuses to report on what should be a major story.

Maybe if North Korea launches a nuclear weapon, that would be a bigger headline. However, the next biggest story at the moment is apparently about Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba.

Well, that is an important national topic for discussion, isn’t it?

The media haven’t displayed this degree of indifference toward a major news event since…well, the murder of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi.

Nothing to see here; move along.

What a lovely euphemism, the right to “choose.”


  1. I don’t think anyone can be inelvovd with abortions for any length of time, no matter the reasons, without becoming callous to life. It comes under the heading “one cannot spend a lot of time around a mud puddle without getting mud on them.”It starts out with abortion, proceeds to infanticide and works its way up to justifications for killing seniors. If it is OK to kill at one end of life why is the end of life any different.If it is OK to kill for the above reasons why is it any different to remove those who get in your way? It is just one long progression to the total debasement of life. Justifications become easier to make for almost anything one wants.At some point the people inelvovd in this are so covered with “mud” that they don’t even recognize it. It has become their persona.

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