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Free speech versus the rise of the cry bullies

My_HeadshotOh. My. God.

I may not be the President of the United States, but nevertheless, here is my state of the union address, like it or not: We are SO screwed.

The current generation has been conditioned to believe that they’re never going to have to grow up. Like pixies, elves, or fairies, they will be able to live in a perpetual child-like fantasy. They will remain on their parent’s health insurance policies until they are in their mid-twenties, and still live at “home” (in the basement) in their forties.

God forbid that these whiny babies should actually learn a trade, or a marketable skill. Instead, they go off to college to obtain useless degrees in queer or gender studies, and then complain they can’t find a job when they graduate.

These children are hyper-sensitive to issues regarding race and what they deem as social injustice, quick to join a demonstration or go on a hunger strike in order to force their will on the masses, or to get someone fired. When Dartmouth students decided that everyone should agree with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, they stormed the library and disrupted people trying to study, getting in the face of people who were trying to work and yelling at the top of their lungs.

Of course black lives matter — all lives matter. Perhaps if fewer people screamed at each other only a few inches apart, there would be fewer violent assaults and murders.

But I’m not sure that I agree with the true goals of the real founders of the “Black Lives Matter” movement — gay men and women hiding their agenda for promoting LBGT “equality” under the pretense of protesting police violence against black people. These were not the people Obama recently invited to the White House.

The easiest way to offend one of these protestors is to reply “white lives matter, too”. Or if you don’t mind risking assault, tell them “blue lives matter.”

But if you do be careful, or you might become the next victim of the Knockout game. Or if you’re a real wimp, you’ll be forced to apologize. Naturally, such evil stupidity and cowardice is not color-blind.

Cowards come in every skin color. Racism is equal opportunity.

The problem isn’t a person’s race, religion, or their lack of education. The problem seems to be a general inability of most people to understand the difference between right and wrong, and failure to grasp that other people have the right to hold an opinion which may not agree with their own.

What happens when these “activist” overgrown children encounter their ideological opposite in the public square? Apoplectic rage. Tears of humiliation. Complete emotional meltdowns. The demand for “safe” spaces. In other words pure gold, in comedic terms.

When Breitbart Tech Editor Milos Yiannopoulos spoke at the University of Pittsburgh, students claimed they were traumatized by his remarks, which included saying feminists hated men and that people who believed in gender wage discrimination were idiots.

People were crying. Literally. They wanted counselors on hand to soothe their hurt feelings. They acted like…well, children.

And now I’m crying, too.

However, my tears are for the future of my country, not the hurt feelings of this next generation of pansies. Our children appear to be poorly prepared for a world deal with real problems like ISIS in it.

To the students at Pitt and elsewhere I say this: suck it up, buttercup. There are no safe spaces in this day and age. Just about everybody has an internet connection.

Plus opinions, and probably an attitude about them.