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G-Day 2017

Okay, I’m seriously bummed out — due to a scheduling conflict and a prior commitment, I cannot attend the G-Day game in person this coming Saturday. I need someone to pick up my slack and be there in my place.

Therefore, I’m asking for all my fellow members of the Dawg Nation to make sure my seat isn’t empty at noon for the kickoff on Saturday. We need another 93,000 fans to jam pack Sanford Stadium, just like last year.

Anything less would be a letdown after the turnout for the game last year. This needs to become a habit.

Think about it this way: we don’t want coaches like Urban Meyer to be able to negatively recruit players from our state by telling them we’re only fair-weather fans. If teleportation had already been invented by now, I’d be right there in Athens with you. Only impossible logistics for this coming Saturday could keep me away.

So now, without further ado, here are my Top Ten Reasons to be at the game in person this Saturday:

Reason #10: Go because your visit to campus will provide an opportunity to check out the new indoor practice facility. Confirm with your own eyes that your donation money has been well spent.

Reason #9: Go because you can watch UGA football in person, free admission.

Reason #8: Free parking, too. My spot will be available, just like my seat.

Reason #7: Go because no matter how good or bad we look as a team, our Bulldogs will win the game. Guaranteed. When have you ever been guaranteed victory before?

Reason #6: Go because our players have asked us to be there. I’ll be there in spirit, and watching on television from afar. Show the players love. Their adrenaline feeds on our raw emotions. Go because watching a football game is better than watching baseball now that Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz have entered the HoF.

Reason #5: Seize this opportunity to rekindle old memories in The Classic City. Tailgate with old friends and make some new ones. Maybe R.E.M. will show up in Tyrone’s to play a set, for old times sake. And Elvis could be the halftime show. Or, maybe not.

Reason #4: Go to see if the OL blocks as well in game action as reporters on the internet claim they’ve performed in practice.

Reason #3: Go because recruits were very impressed with the turnout last year. It wasn’t by accident last year’s recruiting class finished #3. No back sliding allowed from this point forward. We don’t want anyone to think the Dawg Nation isn’t fiercely loyal to the Red and Black. Several very important recruits will be at the game on Saturday. We want them to stay home and play for the Dawgs.

Reason #2: Go to watch Nick Chubb, Dominick Sanders, Lorenzo Carter, Sony Michel, and the other seniors in action, competing in their final spring practice game. Honor their dedication, commitment, and sacrifices for the Red and Black. Also watch Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm compete. Prepare to be dazzled by the play of the young puppies like Mecole Hardman, Jr. and Jeremiah Holloman.

Reason #1: Be there to honor the memory of the Big Dawg. You know he’ll be there to lead us once more, if only in spirit.

Go Dawgs! Sic ’em!

(And the crowd roars) Woof woof woof woof!




Wedding discrimination

Kendall Plantation

When is it okay to discriminate against someone based on race, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual preferences? Is it ever to be tolerated?

After all, we’ve recently seen that Christian businesses can be severely punished by the State, saddled with exorbitant fines well in excess of any potential profits from catering gay weddings, and literally run out of business for refusing to provide service to certain individuals, even when the Christians claim that being forced to participate in such an event violates their religious beliefs. Religious freedoms don’t matter anymore, according to the State. Discrimination must not be tolerated under ANY circumstances…

Which will make it interesting to see how the following story unfolds — an event planner in Texas has not only refused to serve customers of another race, she posted the following message on the Facebook account for her business as an explanation for her reaction (emphasis is original):


Apparently the wedding planner in question, Ms. Jordan Maney, was terribly offended by the fact the location where the wedding was to take place was named Kendall Plantation and turned down the bride’s business, even though the venue was never a real plantation where slaves had been held and forced into labor. This is in spite of the fact that Kendall Plantation was not built until 2011, and then specifically for the purpose of holding wedding ceremonies.

Slaves were never forced into labor at a place called”Kendall Plantation.”

So why would it be copacetic for Ms. Maney to discriminate against white heterosexual brides, refusing their business apparently on the basis of race (she did mention that her business was “black-owned”) when Christian bakers and florists can be forced out of business for the same basic offense, refusing the business of a potential customer?

Not only did Ms. Maney refuse to serve the potential clients, she belittled and humiliated the bride-to-be for wanting to patronize her business while doing so!

Now if my opinion matters (but it doesn’t) the State should not be able to force Ms. Maney to accept a contract for work she clearly does not wish to perform, no more than the State should be allowed to force a Christian florist to provide floral arrangements to a gay wedding or a Muslim baker to provide the cake for a Jewish wedding ceremony. The lost potential income from making those business decisions should be punishment enough.

However, Ms. Maney probably doesn’t have to worry about legal repercussions because she’s in a class typically seen as the victims of discrimination, not the perpetrators. Is political correctness more important than the law in modern society?