Counterargument for God

Counter_cover_smCounterargument for God was officially published on Easter Sunday, 2013.

It is currently available on Amazon and at Smashwords.

The print version will be available soon.

We are currently waiting to review the proof copy.

The ebook versions were released late Sunday after a long and arduous weekend of formatting by my wonderful wife, who also happens to be my publisher.

In the credits, three important contributors were not properly acknowledged. It is time to remedy that oversight.

First, I would like to specifically thank my friends Fred Kohn and Bill Wassner, who both slogged their way through an early, very difficult-to-read rough draft and offered valuable advice.

The contributions of Bill and Fred were crucial and significantly improved the final version of the manuscript. Mea culpa.

And of course, special thanks are owed to my lovely and talented wife Lisa, editor and publisher extraordinaire. Publishing this nearly 500 page book for me was most certainly a labor of love.

She strongly prefers editing my “Rocky Leonard” detective novels.

After all, novels don’t require footnotes.